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Ballyheigue Youth Awards


This is a new initiative we at Ballyheigue Community Centre are launching in partnership with Dairymaster. These awards are designed to celebrate & acknowledge outstanding achievements of the Ballyheigue youth, targeting children up to the age of 18 who live in Ballyheigue or represented a Ballyheigue group, team, organisation, school etc. Our goal is an annual event recognising the efforts and successes in different categories such as academia, art, music, sport, business, volunteering etc. 

We are reaching out to all organisations such as schools, clubs, businesses and community groups to nominate children who they feel should be recognised for their efforts in reaching their outstanding achievement.

Nominations will only be accepted by an established community body/group/organisation, nominations will not be accepted from individuals outside of an established community body/group/organisation.  


As this is the first year, we will be open to adding categories to the list below ensuring we have a wide enough scope for inclusion across the community. We will retain the right to re-categorise any nomination to ensure groupings are correct and fair. Nominations will only be accepted for outstanding achievements completed in the calendar year of 2017 & 2018. 

An awards evening will be held in the Ballyheigue Community Centre later this year, with awards being presented to the winners by

Prof. Edmond Harty CEO of Dairymaster. Each nominee will be invited to attend with their family, the event will be open to the public free of charge with the details of each successful nomination being shared with everyone in attendance.


We would ask that all organisations/groups would consider nominating any child or group of children that they think should be put forward for an outstanding achievement under the guidelines for qualifying below;

  • Any child or group of children living in Ballyheigue who represented an organisation outside of Ballyheigue.

  • Any child or group of children who represented a Ballyheigue organisation (group, team, school, etc.) living in Ballyheigue

  • Any child or group of children who represented a Ballyheigue organisation (group, team, school, etc.) not living in Ballyheigue

  • Any child living in Ballyheigue who achieved something that was significant relevant to themselves and their abilities


These awards are to celebrate all levels of success including the achievements that often are unknown by the wider community.


  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of individuals outside of the community and independent of sponsors and organisers.


We are looking forward to hearing all of the great stories about the outstanding achievements that we know the children of Ballyheigue will have worked hard to accomplish.

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